How Well Does Your Upper Back Move? Check Your Thoracic Extension

Have you have noticed that you sit or stand with a larger than normal curve in your upper back? Your thoracic extension may be limited. If so, it is a good idea to work on your posture or alignment. How can you do that? The first thing to do is to check how well your […]

Reduce your neck pain and control your head position.

Hi all, I have just uploaded a brand new video release to the Acupuncture Works members section. So I couldn’t be more excited. It is all about repairing your neck and upper back. We tend to not treat our necks and upper back very well these days. It used to be bad enough sitting on […]

Winter Update – Hip and Lower Back Video Release

Wow, that’s a lot of new content! I have just completed a major winter update to Acupuncture Works, man does it feel good to be done! I have added a whole host of new videos to the Self-Care 4 Self-Repair section. They are based around the hips and lower back, including some that were released […]

Let’s Get Those Bodies Moving

Hi All, Let me introduce our newest series of videos, Mobility For The Hips & Lower Back. Mobility exercises are all about getting your soft tissues and joints moving. I’m sure everyone has attempted to roll their neck or move their back around to relieve some local stiffness at some time or another. These videos […]

Check out our series of strength testing videos!

Heya guys, I’m kicking off 2018 with a brand new video series! It is the second half of the self assessment videos, strength assessment. Use these videos to test how strong your core and mid back are and see how good your balance is. These tests fit in with the foundation strength exercises and the […]

New Self Assessment Videos Now Available!

I have been meaning to give you guys an update on my progress with the members content. After fixing a few glitches that had prevented me posting correctly, I am back and there is also new content in the members area. I have released the first part of the self assessment. There is around a […]

Anatomical Man Postural Correction Demonstralion

Check out this video to get an introduction in how to achieve good posture. Anatomical man is my play on attempting to achieve proper anatomical position as displayed in medical texts. Although it would be functionally impossible to live life in this position, if you can get to anatomical man posture then we know that […]

Core Activation

Demonstration of how to perform a core activation. The perfect exercise to begin strengthening your lower back.

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