Self Assessment

Assessing posture, range of motion and
strength to figure out what self-care you need

Design Self-Care 4 Self-Repair Based On Your Bodies Needs

Take your self-repair to the next level and create your own self-care plan using these self assessment videos to guide you.

We begin with a series of specialised tests to indicate which parts of your body are in most need of treatment.

Strength tests are also recorded and just a bit of editing away from release.

Remember that all your stretches act as tests. If you can’t get to a decent range with your stretch, then add that stretch to your repertoire and don’t forget to give that muscle a good helping of self massage with your foam roller and massage ball.

Welcome to the self assessment section.
Not all exercises indicated in these videos are currently available, but rest assured they will be!

Hey Friend, Learn How To Use Self-Care & Repair Your Body

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