Over the last weekend we had two of our female clients successfully complete Ultra-Trail Australia (UTA) running events in the distances of 22km and 50km.

Its feels great to bring you a feel good, positive story about two of my regular clients.

Both athletes had trained hard to running programs to get them ready for the events. Although they were using sound training strategies, both of them developed ‘niggles’ that needed attention. The aim of their treatments was to resolve these pains and improve their bio-mechanics. This was to ensure that the niggles did not develop into game changing injuries.

One of these clients competed in her first 50km and came in 3rd female overall and an impressive 57th overall. A huge congratulations to you Jess Haro Ramos.

Jess presented in April with pains in the ankles and shins. This was just weeks out from her race.The awesome feedback from Jess was that her body actually felt better after the race!

Our second client competed in and completed the 22km (third in age group) and then backed up the following day to complete the 50km. This athlete is our very own Carolyn Knights.

Carolyn has suffered from a long term pinching sensation in her back. This is due to degeneration of the spine and can cause leg pain. We were able to keep the muscles of the lower back relaxed, therefore preventing a flare up of her sciatic style pain.

For Carolyn to be racing UTA at this level shows that a proper training program, regular treatments and ritual self-care all add up to keeping you at your physical best.

Congratulations to all athletes but especially these two ladies.

Keeping your body primed to compete is important and should be a part of your weekly maintenance. This should include using massage, acupuncture, foam rolling and manual mobilisation. These are as necessary as your running program to keep you in peak condition to run trails.

Jess and Carolyn showing off their new UTA bling.

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