What events in your life have lead you to becoming a manual therapist? What got you into the position to read this post?

Sometimes it is good to step back and have a look at the events in life that happen to get us where we are. It is a good way to reflect on both the positive and negative influences that we have in life.

The positive influences are the ones we should be thankful for and appreciate how they have developed us. They can be events or people, maybe someone who has helped us or pushed us to perform better, or a course or workshop that truly inspired you.

The negative influences, the bad times and bad influences, are the thing we really need to learn from. It may be a case of avoiding certain people or situations, or maybe making drastic life changes. Negative influences need to be reflected upon so that lessons can be learnt from, we must find the silver lining.

Think about playing a game of sport. If you have an awesome game and do nothing wrong, it feels great, but it is hard to learn from your successes, as you did things correctly. If you have a bad game though, or if you do something poorly within a game, it gives you something to reflect upon. The negative influences and poor performances allow you to improve yourself, but if you don’t identify the problem/s then nothing is going to change.

It is important to remember that the only person we truly have control over is our self, we cannot change how others will react. So our focus of reflection should be to find our own strengths and weaknesses to work on. It is best to avoid blaming others for our shortcomings or trying to change others or thoughts – this is like beating your head against a wall – nothing good will come of it.

So check out my video to learn about a few of the events in my work life that have developed me as a therapist.


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