Good Posture! That is the key to preventing injury, along with learning how to transmit force from your body to the clients. The latter point will be covered in the next blog, in this blog we are going to take a look at how to improve your posture.

So what makes good posture and how are we going to utilise it?

Like all movement we need a good mix of both flexibility and strength to allow us the proper mobility to achieve a good therapy posture.

Now with any manual therapy, at some stage you will be leaning over your treatment table. You need to be flexible enough to get over the table and strong enough to hold those postures.

Take a look at the video below and attempt to make the changes I suggest. Barring injury you should be able to adopt the postures I suggest. If you cannot, then have a think and do some self assessment. Then design yourself a self-care plan to improve you body.

It’s funny that while I write this article I have lifted my laptop up onto a few textbooks to get it up at eye level and have dropped my arms and shoulders by removing my chairs arms and am using my wireless keyboard.

I suppose this is proof that all you need to improve your posture whilst doing any activity is to think about it. Have an analysis of what problems you can see and take steps to improve them.

Do you really want to improve your posture? Within our members section you will be able to access a whole host of self assessment and self care videos to design self care for yourself and your clients. What could be better? You can get access to our members section here.

Hey Friend, Learn How To Use Self-Care & Repair Your Body

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