Six Key Points To Gaining and Keeping More Clients as a Remedial Massage Therapist


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Within it you will find useful tips on:

  • Understanding your clients: who are they?, what do they do?, what do they want and need?
  • Finding out what is really wrong with your clients by using quality assessment including posture, movement and palpation techniques.
  • Figuring out when to use those great techniques that you have. A properly executed massage technique used at the right time is an awesome thing, but when used at the wrong time, well that’s not awesome. For example; stretching an overstretched muscle is not helpful.
  • Self Care for your clients and how being able to do the activities yourself will create client confidence in your plan.
  • Time – how time can be both your friend and your enemy. Most of us are guilty of spacing client appointments out too much. This may be because of cost issues or booking availability.
  • Looking after your own self care – strengthen yourself plus get a bit of what you give. It will help with your longevity.

Manual Therapy Workshops - Core Skills Online Worksops

To get access to our members only instructional videos, check out these online workshops.

Learn all about improving your treatment ability with massage table setup, posture and strength. Also learn or rediscover many of the most important theory concepts to manual therapists in Online Workshop #1 Fundamental Principles.

If you want to upgrade your skills for treating your clients hips and lower back or neck and upper back, look no further. In Online Workshop #2 Hips & Lower Back and Online Workshop #3 Neck & Upper Back you will learn assessment techniques, treatment skills and a whole host of self care activities. You will be freeing up those locked up hips and alleviating those sore backs in no time.

The above online workshops are Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) approved so you can earn continuing professional education points simply by completing the videos and a short quizzes.

Hey Friend, Learn How To Use Self-Care & Repair Your Body

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