Core Skills Online Workshop #2 – Hips & Lower Back

What can you expect to find within this workshop?

We have recorded videos covering five topics of clinical treatment and seven topics of self-care. This is a huge amount of information to bring your assessment and treatment strategies to the next level.

Clinical Skills

To improve your assessment skills there are seven videos covering postural and movement assessment of the hips and lower back.

You will learn how to perform practitioner assisted stretching of the hips and lower back in supine, prone and side laying positions.

We show you how we like to get stuck into the hips and lower back with remedial massage muscle releases

There are also a number of special testing instructional videos to further enhance your assessment skills


In the self-care section you will find a vast array a videos to help you and your clients improve your bodies.

There are five self myofascial release videos to reduce muscular tension.

We have fifteen stretching videos to learn how to stretch the hips and lower back in laying, kneeling, sitting and standing positions.

How about getting some strength into those bodies to improve stability and help prevent injury? We have a dozen videos which build on the exercises from workshop #1.

Lots of people are too static in day to day life. Use these 7 mobility exercises to introduce some movement to your clients bodies.

As an added bonus I have included a series of movement and strength tests that your clients can perform to assess their bodies and check their improvement.

CPE Points

This online massage training includes six and a half hours of exclusive video footage, broken down into over 70 short clips, conveniently arrange to enhance your viewing experience.


This workshop is registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS), therefore ATMS members will receive 6.5 CPE points (continued professional education points) for completion.

Yes thats 6.5 ATMS approved CPE points!

Many other associations provided 1:1 workshop hours to CPE points.

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Online Workshop #2 Hips & Lower Back

$ 129
  • Pelvis & Lumbar Spine Workshop
  • Postural & Movement Assessment
  • Orthopedic Testing
  • Remedial Massage Techniques
  • Practitioner Assisted Stretching
  • Elaborate Self Care Library
  • Online Education
  • ATMS Approved 6.5 CPE Points
  • Designed for Busy Therapists
  • Bite Sized Videos
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