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How many acupoints are there on the head!

Isolation seems to be coming to an end. The kids are back at work and many people are back at work. 

Now is the time to get rid of alot of the stiffness that was caused by too long sitting at poorly setup kitchen table offices and the dreaded couch!

New Program Isolation Mobilisation

Isolation Mobilisation Program - Using Movement to Prevent Pain

Keep your employees and yourself safe whilst working from home. The Isolation Mobilisation Program is designed to give people working from home (or at any desk) the tools to keep their bodies mobile. This can prevent the build-up of stiffness and pain associated with being still and in poor postures for long periods of time. […]

We Will Be Back Soon

Trent performing a TeleHealth conference

Clinic Temporarily Closed Due To COVID-19 Health Crisis This is to protect our clients and our family. We do hope you understand and we will be open again soon. We are offering Telehealth consultations for Self Care and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Self Care 4 Self Repair memberships and MTW Online Workshops discounted to help you through […]

Ultra Trail Australia (UTA) & Our Clients Success

Over the last weekend we had two of our female clients successfully complete Ultra-Trail Australia (UTA) running events in the distances of 22km and 50km. Its feels great to bring you a feel good, positive story about two of my regular clients. Both athletes had trained hard to running programs to get them ready for […]

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