Clinic Temporarily Closed Due To COVID-19 Health Crisis

This is to protect our clients and our family. We do hope you understand and we will be open again soon.

We are offering Telehealth consultations for Self Care and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Self Care 4 Self Repair memberships and MTW Online Workshops discounted to help you through this craziness.

20% OFF
Self Care 4 Self Repair

Are you are getting stiff and sore from sitting at a laptop?

Are you going crazy becoming a home school teacher?

Are you smashing out the home workouts with no massage therapy to relieve your stiffness?

Many people are now working from home in less than ideal home school/office setups.

Its a period of change for all of us.

Self Care 4 Self Repair can be your salvation.

Offer available until June 30th 2020.

20% OFF
Core Series Online Workshops

Face 2 face learning is not currently available due to COVID-19 government restrications.

Why not use your spare time to get your annual CPE learning completed?

Our already affordable courses have another 20% off. They are now only $16 per hour.

We have 3 courses available with a total of 19 hours of course content.

TeleHealth Now Available

This is a brand new way to treat and so far it is proving very successful

While I am currently unable to provide hands on treatment, I can still help you to treat your musculoskeletal conditions.

I am instructing clients in the use of acupressure and self massage, plus my usual assortment of self-care activities.

I can run you through foam roller and massage ball use, stretching, strengthening and mobilising.

Acupressure can also be used to self treat many different health conditions.

Try it out as i think you will be plesantly surprised how effective you can be at treating your condition.

Chinese herbal medicine consultations are also available with herbs available for pickup from the clinic.

All you need is a device with messenger or WhatsApp plus a quite space.

Hey Friend, Learn How To Use Self-Care & Repair Your Body

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