Hi All,

Let me introduce our newest series of videos, Mobility For The Hips & Lower Back.

Mobility exercises are all about getting your soft tissues and joints moving. I’m sure everyone has attempted to roll their neck or move their back around to relieve some local stiffness at some time or another. These videos are all about providing you with an easy to follow approach to loosening up the hips and lower back.

Try them our before sport/exercise or after you have been stationary for to long.

The full series of 5 videos is available in the members section: Self Care 4 Self Repair, but as usual we are releasing one video as free-to-view.


Four point kneeling is simply the position seen here, being on hands and knees.

From this position you can perform all the lower back motions (flexion, extension, rotation and lateral flexion movements of the lumber spine [lower back]). These movements help to improve the mobility of your lower back from a relatively safe position.

Remember, if you have any lower back injuries/damage, get your doctors or therapists approval before attempting this.

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