Self-Care for Self-Repair!

That’s the new slogan for my clinic website. It was designed for the sole purpose of allowing my clients to view their self-care online, wherever they are. No more forgetting activities and exercises, so no more excuses.

As you can see i believe self-care is very important. In my clinical experience i find that those who do look after themselves get huge benefits over those who don’t. They suffer less pain, they recover faster, they need less treatments and they need to come back less frequently.

Now don’t freak out if that sounds to you like all that’s happening is you earning less money. They are most likely to come back with other conditions, because you helped them get rid of their last one. They also tend to be great referrers.

The faster you get the client results, the faster you can move on to your next client.

Hey Friend, Learn How To Use Self-Care & Repair Your Body

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