Wow, that’s a lot of new content!

I have just completed a major winter update to Acupuncture Works, man does it feel good to be done! I have added a whole host of new videos to the Self-Care 4 Self-Repair section. They are based around the hips and lower back, including some that were released earlier this year.

What have I added? Well there are 13 new strengthening videos, 15 new strengthening videos, 7 mobility videos (most previously released), 21 previously released self assessment videos and 2 new self massage videos. That is a lot of new videos and they all target the hips and lower back (except some of the self assessment ones).

Who will get the most out of this new content?

Anyone who suffers from musculoskeletal based pain in their hips and lower back, possibly even their legs. It is also great for people with poor hip and lower back mobility and/or strength that is affecting their posture or ability to move and exercise.

Therefore if you would are not already a Self-Repairer, check our our gold membership to get access to all this new content

I have also re-branded all the old videos with manual therapy workshops logos, plus where possible i have colour corrected or increased the brightness in many of the videos that most needed some attention. I now hope they all look much better, my new lighting setup will have the next series looking even better.

So, since there is no rest for the wicked, I’m about to start on the neck and upper back video series. In the mean time, check out these videos as a sample of the new content.

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