We Are Reopening!

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We Are Reopening! Yes I have decided to reopen the doors at Acupuncture Works. I now have in my posession all the new PPE that I need. Things will be a little different for the foreseeable future. I will be rocking a brand new look of a sexy set of blue gloves and a face […]

AcuMag #01 – Public Safety

AcuMag image for issue #1 Safety First - COVID-19 & Needling

#1 Safety First when it comes to COVID-19!! While we have not freaked out and bought 200 rolls of toilet paper and 50kgs each of rice and pasta, we understand that everyone including ourselves should be doing their best to minimise the spread of this infection. Because of this we assure you that; We fully […]

Online Workshop #2 Released

Yes That’s right, we have released Online Workshop #2 – Hips and Lower Back. It joins Online Workshop #1 – Fundamental Principles as a part of our members exclusive premium online education. There is so much new footage that we filmed, six and a half hours in total broken down into over 70 short videos! […]

Self-Care, My Not So Secret Weapon In The Fight Against Pain and Immobility

Self-Care for Self-Repair! That’s the new slogan for my clinic website. It was designed for the sole purpose of allowing my clients to view their self-care online, wherever they are. No more forgetting activities and exercises, so no more excuses. As you can see i believe self-care is very important. In my clinical experience i […]

Making Mistakes Is Normal, But It’s Great To Be Able To Avoid Them

It is perfectly normal to make mistakes. It would actually be a mistake to think you will never make any. This video is not about making sure that you never make a mistake, its about highlighting some of the key ones that i have seen many students and therapists make. If you know about a […]

Get More Massaging Depth With These Simple Steps

This demonstration shows safe and effective ways of transferring force from your body to your clients. Don’t damage your body by trying to muscle your way deep into tense tissues, use strong and stable body positions and let gravity do as much of your work as you can get it to. There are no tricks, […]

What is the Best Way to Prevent Injuring Yourself as a Manual Therapist?

Good Posture! That is the key to preventing injury, along with learning how to transmit force from your body to the clients. The latter point will be covered in the next blog, in this blog we are going to take a look at how to improve your posture. So what makes good posture and how […]

6 Ways To Avoid & Overcome Neck, Shoulder & Back Pain In Hockey Players

This article was written by one of our members Trent Knights, who is a massage therapist, acupuncturist & hockey player from Australia. Do you ever get neck, shoulder or back pain after playing hockey? Many sports, including field hockey, force us to lean forward which can lead to developing a hunched posture. A hunched upper body posture also known as; upper cross syndrome, slouched […]

Winter Update – Hip and Lower Back Video Release

Wow, that’s a lot of new content! I have just completed a major winter update to Acupuncture Works, man does it feel good to be done! I have added a whole host of new videos to the Self-Care 4 Self-Repair section. They are based around the hips and lower back, including some that were released […]

I’m Back From My Christmas Break!

Hi guys and girls! So I’m back after a decent Christmas break and rearing for 2018. Day one has already seen some cancellations, bookings and other cancellations but in the end my first week back is full. Next week I will be back to my normal Tuesday – Saturday routine. I recorded a heap of […]

Hey Friend, Learn How To Use Self-Care & Repair Your Body

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